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Binding of dust

Dust binding is an issue that should interest not just the industry but each and every one of us. Because dust leads to very severe damage to humans, animals and the environment and to increased wear of machinery and equipment. Those who work or live in a dusty environment often suffer from heart and circulatory problems, irritation of the mucous membranes and shortness of breath. Likewise, deposits of dust also lead to increased wear on machinery and implements and require more frequent maintenance and repairs.

What do you first think of as the term dust pollution?

Maybe there are thoughts on the industrial sector such. B. in Recyclingalnagen or bulk material processing. Do you also think about your working environment or home?

In addition to heavily loaded work areas such as construction industry, wood processing, printing, bakeries and more. Especially in winter, the air is usually too dry in almost all indoor areas and this lack of humidity means an increased amount of dust at the same time. This provides fertile ground for the transmission of pathogens. An ideal humidity has a positive effect on our health, there are fewer viruses and bacteria attached to the buzzing dust particles and can also strengthen our performance.

Dust-binding systems

Fog technology against dust

Water mist systems are ideal for effective dust control. Their field of application is diverse and ranges from industry to commercial enterprises to private individuals. The operation of high pressure fog systems is sustainable, efficient and cost effective.

Raintime fog plants atomize water into its smallest unit of water mist. This fine water mist binds dust particles – including bacteria and viruses – from the ambient air.


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