The hours of sun are getting longer, the temperatures are warmer, the mood and anticipation for many hours under the open sky is growing – spring is here! The month of March officially heralds the gardening season. It can finally be sown, cut and planted again. Now the course is set for the development of the garden.


As soon as the lawn is snow-free in March, it can be prepared slowly. Leaves from autumn can be removed with a rake. Knots and moss should also be removed, because this supports the lawn when it needs to dry. After all lawn weeds have been stuck out with a weed cutter, the lawn can be mowed and then scarified with a scarifier. Finally, bald spots can also be sown with the right lawn seed.

Plant pruning

Dead branches, twigs and shrubs that begin to bloom in early summer are now being cut. This maintenance cut affects snowball, pipe shrub, summer lilac, hydrangeas and hibiscus. Almost a third of all main shoots are cut close to the ground. Important! Two thirds of the shoots should stop.

General garden tips in March

  • Climbing trees, hedges and shrubs can still be planted.
  • Hyacinths, daffodils and tulips need a lot of nutrients. At the beginning of sprouting, a fast-acting full fertilizer has a very positive effect.
  • Roses can be cut at the beginning of forsythia bloom.
  • Robust annual flowers can now be sown directly outdoors. These include, for example, gold and corn poppy, corn and marigold.
  • Bank and swamp plants can be cut back at the garden pond.

Irrigation in the garden

Now in spring, the time is also ideal for worrying about watering in the garden. Every plant lover knows how time-consuming watering is in the warm and hot months. Have you ever thought about installing an automatic irrigation system for your garden? Optimal garden irrigation has a positive effect on the flowering time and the yield of your plants and allows you more leisure and comfort.


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