Employees spend most of the day in the office. In order to be able to provide the required performance and feel good during this working time, the condition of the room air, the room climate is of particular importance. Especially in offices, heaters, computers, copiers … quickly heat the air, the air humidity decreases and the air in the room is too dry.

Symptoms of low humidity

  • lack of concentration
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Drying up the mucous membranes
  • As a result, red eyes, hoarseness, cough
  • Higher fine dust pollution

Optimal humidity in offices


High-pressure fog systems are most often used for a healthy, stable indoor climate, because they significantly improve the air in offices, can be used all year round – adiabatic cooling effect in summer (!) – and impress with their cost efficiency.


  • Constant room air conditioning
  • More stable processes
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster self-cleaning of the mucous membranes
  • Less virus transmission – more hygiene
  • Lower particulate matter pollution
  • Less electrostatic charging

Raintime FOG Technology

The Austrian master company specializes in all areas of fog technology and, as an innovative company, is also constantly involved in the development of new, innovative products and sustainable systems.

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