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Aerification is a technique for the ventilation of lawns. For this purpose, 5 to 9 cm deep holes with a diameter between 1 and 2 cm are made in the lawn with an aerating device. Through this process, which is also called “spikes”, the soil compaction is broken up and a gas exchange takes place. The holes are filled up with quartz sand – lawn seeds and fertilizer can also be added to the sand. When aerating, the lawn roots are better aerated, waterlogging and moss growth are cured.



Basically, you can sow lawn all year round because the seeds are hardy. However, if the soil has a constant soil temperature of at least 10 ° C, better results can be achieved with faster germination. April and May are predestined to be sowing months, just like August and September. Before sowing, the soil must be prepared accordingly and weeds removed. A spade or a hoe is very suitable for this work. If the last pieces of root or stones are also the planum can be made. The soil is leveled lengthways and crossways with a roller, remaining unevenness can be leveled out with a wooden rake. This completes the preparatory work and, after a rest period of a few days, sowing can begin.

When it comes to seeds, the focus should be on quality. Some lawn mixtures germinate quickly but do not form a dense turf. The seeds are evenly spread by hand with a slight swing to match the intended area. A gritter is ideal for a very even result. Then rake with the wooden rake and roll in the transverse and longitudinal directions with the lawn roller. The sowing is completed with a very productive irrigation and the germination period of one to three weeks – depending on the weather – begins.




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