Anyone who believes that the garden and gardening are hibernating is very wrong. Because one thing is certain: there is always something to do in the garden.

Gardening tips February

Antedate vegetables, herbs and flowers

With the low temperatures, many plants are not yet allowed to be put outside, but you can start sowing summer flowers in the (green) house at the end of February. If you do not want to buy rearing vessels, egg cartons are an inexpensive alternative. As a rule of thumb: put one seed per bulge in the soil.

Plant flower bulbs

Bulbs that bloom in summer – like the lily – should be planted in the garden now in February. Make sure that the hole in the ground is deep enough, the onions should be about 15 to 20 centimeters below the ground. Don’t be afraid of frost, it won’t harm the onions. You can also plant bulbs that bloom in spring, but they will bloom a little later.

Prepare vegetable beds

If you haven’t already done this in autumn, you can dig up the beds and fill them up with hummus in February. Dry weather and frost-free days are ideal for making the beds ready for sowing with a hoe and rake. When doing this, remember to remove the first weed roots at the same time.

Cut woody plants

Hedges that are too dense and also fruit trees should be cut in the winter months. This encourages leaves and twigs to grow. Ornamental wood species that bloom in spring should be excluded from the cut.

Water the garden

Even if hardy plants can tolerate the cold well, there is still the risk of dehydration due to lack of water. Therefore, you should water your plants in the garden on warmer days.

Plan your garden

Those who have not yet drawn up a sketch of their garden can now use the time in February ideally for this. If you also create a list, you will have a perfect overview:

  • Make a note of suitable seeds and plants for this gardening season.
  • Think about what your lawn should look like.
  • Check your stocks of seeds, soil, tools, … and note down what is missing.
  • Think about watering your garden.

Have you thought about automatic irrigation system for your garden?

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