In February, dead parts of early bloomers and perennials can be cleaned, beds and soil prepared and summer flowers sown. With our checklist for the garden in February you will find out which gardening work should be on the plan in the ornamental and kitchen garden.

Gardening Checklist February

Gardening tips ornamental garden

✅ Cutting back hedges, ornamental trees and willows
✅ Remove old leaves from the spring roses
✅ Prune ornamental grasses and tie them up to protect them from too much moisture
✅ Free bushes and trees from the snow load
✅ Prefer balcony flowers
✅ Cut back overwintered pelargoniums & geraniums
✅ Regularly water overwintered potted plants, shorten them if necessary and check for pest infestation
✅ Plant early bloomers
✅ Now plant onion flowers
✅ Sowing summer flowers
✅ Clean the beds and lawns
✅ Divide the perennials that bloom in late summer

Gardening tips kitchen garden

✅ Check the seed for its ability to germinate
✅ Loosen up beds & work in compost
✅ Cut fruit trees
✅ Tear out root runners
✅ Sow less sensitive vegetables such as celery, onions, radishes, radishes or carrots
✅ Pre-germinate new potatoes
✅ Harvest the last vegetables
✅ Protect vegetables from late frost with a fleece

Gardening tips irrigation

Even if hardy plants can tolerate the cold well, there is still the risk of dehydration due to lack of water. Therefore, you should water your plants in the garden on warmer days.

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