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In the month of April is sown and planted joyfully, Nutzgärtner have a lot to do. For a successful gardening season, we have some gardening tips for you.

Fruit trees

By the beginning of April at the latest, you should sprinkle around 2.5 to 3 liters of compost per square meter to the wood. Compost is ideal as a fertilizer because it contains the nutrients calcium and potassium, which are particularly important for fruiting.

Already in two or three weeks, most of the fruit trees can already be recognized as having a new lease of life. New shoots, which rise steeply and are useful for the crown construction, you should bring with a little wire in a slightly flatter position or weight with weights, because the greater their angle to the vertical axis, the slower they grow and early flowers and thus bear fruit.


If the beds are well prepared, direct seeds can germinate faster and more evenly, and young plants can grow more easily. Tubers should be crushed and the bed be pulled flat. After a one to two-week break, the weeds should be removed before sowing and the soil should be raked again. Vegetable varieties for April sowing are:

  • lettuce
  • kohlrabi
  • radish
  • flower and head cabbage

Salad seeds do not germinate at temperatures over 16 degrees, so it is advisable to put a damp cloth over the sowing, which must be removed again when the first seedlings break through.

If anything has been planted too densely, you can easily remove surplus plantlets. Too close to each other seedlings mature later and remain smaller.

Although cucumbers, spinach, lamb’s lettuce, rhubarb and beetroot prefer sunny locations, they still produce very good yields even in partial shade.

Mix carrots and onions in mixed culture, because the evaporation of the other type of vegetables keeps away pests such as the onion and carrot fly.

Optimal garden irrigation

If you do not want to spend the whole summer in the garden for irrigation, you should already think about an automatic garden irrigation system and start planning. Optimal garden irrigation not only gives you more free time, you also save water costs and increase the flowering time and yield of your plants.

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