Summer has reached us and the persistent heat and prevailing drought are affecting many lawns. Instead of a lush green, dry, brown spots and bald spots appear on the lawn in many gardens.

A look at the roots reveals whether the lawn can still be saved: If the roots have died as a result of the intense heat, your help will come too late and you will have to recreate the lawn. However, if only the blades of grass are brown, regeneration of the lawn is possible.

Burned lawn

You can do that

Brown spots that have formed due to the intense sunlight can be mended with a lawn pavement. A lawn pavement is a mixture of soil, fertilizer and seeds that should grow very well.

It also makes sense to overseed brown spots. The best time for this is September. If you don’t want to wait that long, you should water the areas several times a day beforehand so that the fresh seeds are not dry after germination. Before reseeding, you should have raked and scarified the lawn a little.

The lawn needs new nutrients to regenerate. Proper fertilization is therefore urgently needed. An autumn lawn fertilizer is ideal for this. Because this supplies the lawn with all the important nutrients and promotes regeneration.

Lack of water is one of the main causes of brown lawns. To prevent the lawn from burning or even dying, the lawn must be watered regularly and evenly. The rule of thumb is around 10 to 15 liters of water per square meter.

The early morning or evening hours are considered to be the most effective watering time and with an irrigation time of around one and a half hours at least twice a week, the lawn should be well supplied.

Have you thought about automatically watering your lawn?

A permanently installed and automatic irrigation system for your lawn has numerous advantages:

  • TIME SAVING -> Since the casting processes are controlled automatically – and all according to your desired settings. Optionally, a rain sensor switches off your system when it rains.
  • WATER SAVINGS up to 70%! -> By watering in the cool morning hours, the evaporation of the applied water can be kept low.

With the professional irrigation systems from Raintime, you water properly and get a vital and weed-free lawn.


We are specialized in automatic irrigation systems for all areas and offer you all services – from advice and planning to installation.

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