It’s not just the garden that needs a lot of attention in autumn. To prevent damage from frost and cold, it’s important to winterize your irrigation system as well.

The approaching frost is not only a challenge for the flora in your garden, it can also cause enormous damage to your irrigation system. The remaining water expands when the temperature drops and can cause the pipes to burst or valves and sprinklers to break.

Avoid unnecessary costs and tedious repairs by winterizing your irrigation system now.

✅ Winterize your irrigation system

With our simple step-by-step instructions, your irrigation system is ready for the cold time in no time and can be fully functional again in the following spring.


The first thing that is important is that you turn off the water supply to the irrigation system.

To do this, turn off the main tap (usually the one for the garden water) in your water meter shaft or in your cellar.



The next step is to open the drain cock.

This is located at the shut-off valve in front of the solenoid valves (in most cases in the green shaft).



Manually turn the solenoid valves about half a turn counterclockwise and, if necessary, open the vent screws.


In addition, open all additional garden taps and underground hydrants that are connected to the same water supply.


It is important to leave the control unit connected to the mains the entire winter, because the programming should run through (without water). For this, the rain sensor switch on the control unit should be set to “BYPASS” or “OFF”. In the event that there is no bypass switch, simply cover the dry rain sensor with a plastic cover (plastic bag).

✅ Your irrigation system is now winter-proof!

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