If you want a lush green and beautiful lawn, you should pay special attention to proper irrigation in addition to conventional care. Garden owners are often unsure about the optimal time and duration, especially when it comes to watering.

Did you know you should water your garden after a thunderstorm?

Quite right, because the lawn / soil should always receive enough water that it is between 15 and 20 centimeters deep moistened.

Proper lawn care for autumn

With these tips for caring for and watering your lawn in autumn, it is well-prepared for the upcoming winter months.


The grass stops growing when the soil temperature is around nine degrees. Until then, you should mow your lawn regularly, cutting the grass no less than two inches. This minimum cutting length is important for protecting the soil, because only in this way can the root area be protected and frost penetrate less easily.

Only mow dry lawns. Especially in autumn, the lawn is often dewy into the morning hours and bear this in mind when programming your robotic lawnmower.


Lawn remnants should be hacked out because air and light are extremely important for the soil. Remove existing thatch and scarify your lawn. When scarifying, always make sure that you do not damage any roots.


The autumn fertilization is particularly important! Potassium is the ideal autumn fertilizer because it strengthens the plant cells, making them more resilient and frost-resistant.

LAWN irrigation in September

In late summer temperatures around 30 °C and dry weather, we recommend weekly summer watering of 25 l / m². If the temperatures are around 20 °C and morning dew is clearly visible, you should reduce the amount of water used to 15 l / m² per week.

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Onlineshop irrigation technology

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