We generate our electricity cleanly and sustainably

With a photovoltaic system from 1stLevelSolar

Sustainability, environmental awareness and climate protection are right at the top of our agenda. For this reason we decided to purchase a photovoltaic system (PV system) from 1stLevelSolar. Since the beginning of May we have been generating our own electricity on the roof of our company building in an environmentally friendly way, thus making a sustainable contribution to the energy transition.

On sunny days we produce more than 17.2 kW and can therefore cover 100% of our base load. By generating electricity using a photovoltaic system, we are not dependent on fossil fuels and we heat all of our rooms with Redwell infrared heating.

Raintime climate goals & climate protection

With our electricity generation through photovoltaics, we can contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and also avoid other emissions such as sulfur, carbon and nitrogen oxides that escape into the environment during electricity production in gas and coal-fired power plants.

We are pleased and also a little proud that with our climate targets we can contribute to reducing emissions of air pollutants and thus make a significant contribution to reducing damage to the environment (greenhouse effect, attack on the ozone layer, acidification of water and soil).


1stLevelSolar Premium PV system

With a 1stLevelSolar Premium PV system, the owner can not only reduce his electricity costs considerably (especially with PV systems for companies – here the electricity is consumed when it is produced), but also has the option of setting up an emergency power supply as well as the stored one Use electricity from the battery storage in the evening and night.

The 1stLevelSolar Premium PV systems are tailored, planned, delivered, installed and commissioned exactly to the needs of the customer. A maintenance contract is also available on request.

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Redwell infrared heating and building automation
made by kaiser.works

Even in the planning phase, it was important for Raintime to get the most out of all installed components. For this reason, the decision was made to heat the building with high-quality infrared heaters from Redwell.

In combination with the PV system, the energy management is displayed and regulated by means of building automation. By optimizing the energy distribution, the existing electricity is used efficiently for heating even on winter days.

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