Green facades

Vertical greening is in line with the trend. Not only because they beautify the cityscape, but because they contribute significantly to an improved quality of life.

The project “50 Green Houses” is in the tenth district in Vienna. As part of this project, 50 green façade modules are currently being awarded to houses in inner favorites for free. From the Gudrunstraße via the Absberggasse and the Quellenstraße, just under 850 square meters of green space will be realized.

Advantages of green facades

Green walls are not only urban eyecatchers but primarily ecologically sensible. Building greening has numerous advantages:

  • healthier and more natural environment
  • better air quality
  • less particulate matter
  • more humidity
  • cooling effect on heat
  • insulating effect in cold weather
  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Façade protection against weathering

More nature and healthier environment in the city
Greened facades significantly increase the quality of life in cities. They contribute to a reduction in the consequences of structural compression and climate change.

Better air quality & less particulate matter
The dense foliage of green facade holds a variety of harmful ingredients, binds dust and has an air purifying effect. The plants bind CO2 and produce oxygen.

Natural air conditioning & cost efficiency
The evaporation and the shadow effect of the plants have a cooling effect on hot days and are insulating on cold days. This increases energy efficiency and reduces costs.

Green facade projects
Company Raintime

In recent years, we have implemented countless projects of facade greening. The necessary know-how and our many years of experience make us an expert in this field. We are happy to give you an insight into some of our green facade projects.

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