Vertical greening

Facade greening has been a trend for years. Just now in Vienna, for example, about 850 square meters of green space are planned for around 50 houses. In the tenth district, green walls from the Gudrunstraße over the Absberggasse and over the Quellenstraße are to be created. These green areas are able to replace an estimated 30 air conditioners. They are not only a visual highlight or an impressive architectural design variant, they contribute to increasing and improving the quality of life in cities.

Already in the 80s, the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser caused a stir as an “architectural doctor”. He let irregular structures and vegetation flow aesthetically into each other. Roofs and walls of the famous Hundertwasser buildings – Hundertwasserhaus, Hundertwasser Village, Kunst Haus Wien – are planted with flowers, shrubs and trees.

Green walls – timely & ecologically sensible

As already mentioned, vertical greening increases the quality of life in urban areas. In the warm months they represent a natural air conditioning system. Solar radiation causes evaporation of the water stored by the plants, which leads to cooling of the ambient temperature. In cool months, a vertical greening has an insulating effect. These factors together increase energy efficiency, while electricity and heating costs are reduced.

Another plus point of Hanging Gardens is their ability to bind dust. They trap harmful ingredients in the air, bind CO2 and, incidentally, produce oxygen. No wonder, then, that façade greenery is a solid and harmonious part of urban architecture.

Raintime vertical greening

We have implemented many innovative projects of facade greening and have many years of experience and the necessary know-how in this area.

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