With June a wonderful time has come for garden owners and hobby gardeners. The garden is blooming and unfolding this month in all its splendor. The garden motto this month is: “Harvest, sow, lighten, water”. Now there is always something to do!

Vegetable garden

The young shoots between the leaves and main shoots grow very fast and vigorous. They bear few fruits, take up a lot of space and this costs the plant a lot of power. It is advisable to cut off these young side shoots regularly. so the tomato plant can bear more fruit.

Cover strawberries with straw
Strawberries should not rest on the ground because that causes rot and disease. You should put a 2 to 3 cm thick straw layer under the strawberry plants. This mulch suppresses weeds and keeps snails away.

Harvest asparagus and rhubarb
Asparagus and rhubarb can be harvested until June 24th. With this date the annual season ends and you should provide your plants with compost and think about a very good water supply.

Harvest herbs
Herbs such as rosemary or oregano should be harvested before they are flowering, because at this time the concentration of ingredients is highest.

Flower garden

In June, the first rose blossom is over and the shrubs should be plastered – also all the blooms removed and shortened longer shoots. A pruning stimulates the flowering and a nice budding. Do not forget to fertilize! Roses have a very high nutrient requirement and need a lot of nutrients for the second flowering in August, September.

Rhododendron bushes
Everything withered should be removed with care, because directly beneath the withered flower is already the bud approach for the following year. This should not be damaged under any circumstances.

Spring blooms such as the delphinium should now be cut again, because this causes the plant to drive out again and bloom again in the fall. TIP! This pruning can be very well placed as a mulch between the perennials.

Evergreen hedges such as privet or boxwood should now be cut after the strong spring shoot and brought into shape. It is recommended to do the pruning in the late afternoon or early evening to prevent the plant from drying out at the interfaces.

Lawn care
If there is no rain for several days or if the weather is warmer, your lawn may already be dry in June. Right now the grass is in full growth and needs sufficient and regular water.


Irrigate the garden automatically &
get plenty of free time

Now in June a lot of care and time is needed for a thriving garden with healthy plants – every day! The rising temperatures also increase the water requirements of your plants and thus require more time for you to water.

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