A healthy and pleasant indoor climate is a crucial factor for the well-being in the workplace and the health of the workers. One-third of the day is a long time spent at work – in the office – demonstrating the importance of a healthy and pleasant indoor environment.

A pleasant indoor climate has a positive effect on health, well-being and productivity, whereas well-being and performance decrease when the indoor climate is perceived as unpleasant. Whether we feel comfortable in a room or not depends significantly on the air temperature and the humidity.

Air temperature

As office work predominantly takes place while seated, the ideal values for the room temperature in office premises are between min. 18 °C and max. 24 °C. The average of 21 °C is considered optimal and felt.


It is particularly important that the room air is not too dry, because this provides an ideal breeding ground for pathogens, stimulates irritation of the mucous membranes and also weakens the ability to concentrate. Read more about the effects of too dry room air HERE. In offices, the humidity should be between min. 30% and max. 70%. The ideal value is around 50% humidity. According to studies, one in four offices in Austria is well below the minimum limit of 40% humidity and in periods of high heating the value drops even further to around 30%.

An optimal indoor climate will surely be important to you – whether you are a self-employed person or an employer – because you not only benefit from more efficiency and well-being, but also prevent loss of earnings or frequent illnesses.

Ideal room climate at the workplace


For indoor humidification, high pressure fog systems are best qualified. They improve the air in a sustainable way, can be used all year round and impress with their cost-efficiency. High-pressure fog systems atomize water to water mist. This binds dust, the attached pathogens and produces ideal indoor climate values.


Get to know more about the applications of high-pressure fog systems.

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