Urban greenery makes our cities more attractive and liveable. Urban greenery regulates the temperature, purifies the air and thus has a positive effect on the urban climate and on health. Greened cities help to combat climate change and increase the quality of life for residents in the long term.

Vertical greening in particular is an absolute trend in urban greening. In order to provide a nourishing habitat for the plants in such a challenging location as a façade, innovative and irrigation technology is required.

Raintime designs an optimal, resource-saving and demand-oriented irrigation system for façade greening.


Green architecture for climate-friendly cities

Facade greening – nature meets architecture

In cities, green spaces in the form of façade greening are becoming increasingly important, as they also provide climatic relief for the inhabitants in the space close to the ground. A green façade reduces the heating of the building’s exterior surface and the effect of urban overheating is less pronounced, as cooler façades give off less heat to their surroundings.

Façade greening has a climate-regulating, pollutant- and sound-absorbing effect as well as an impact on the cityscape. However, the success of a successful façade greening depends decisively on regular and professional watering and care.


Optimal irrigation of green facades

With Raintime irrigation technology

The increasing heat and at the same time the ecological necessity of saving water require innovative, demand-oriented and professional irrigation technology. Raintime is a specialist in this field.

Our many years of experience enable us to develop individual and adequate irrigation solutions and implement them within budget. Our professional and technical designs ensure optimal and healthy growth of the green walls.







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