Weeds sprout now abundantly and at almost all corners to the surface. Although dandelion or nettle are medicinal herbs and can be very useful, they slow down the growth of plants in beds because they remove water, nutrients and light from them.

Remove weeds

Getting rid of these annoying plants can sometimes be very tedious. We have some tips that make weeding much easier.


is the best and also the most environmentally friendly way to clear beds and lawns from unwelcome weeds. Weeding is especially easy when the soil is soft and wet. If the ground is rather dry, it is recommended to work with a garden claw. With this tool, the soil can be loosen up well and remove the weeds.

Chemical weed killer

If certain weeds keep coming back despite being removed several times, then it is advisable to use chemical agents. However, herbicides are highly controversial because they are also very dangerous to humans, animals and other plants. Harmless biological agents, on the other hand, protect the environment and health.

Proven home remedy for weeds

Scalding the weeds with boiling water destroys the delicate organism of the plant. A one-time infusion is already enough for this. After that you should let it dry and then remove the plant remains.

Prevent weeds

So that it does not even come to a growth of weeds, there are various possibilities.


Regular mowing helps against weeds in the lawn. However, if the weeds have already formed seeds, distribute them when mowing and thus increase your workload.


Regular sweeping is the best prevention of weeds on terraces and paths.

Weed control fabric

Especially when you create a new bed, it makes sense to hang up a weed fleece. It inhibits the growth of these wild herbs and also keeps the moisture better in the soil.


Even a top layer of mulch or straw has an inhibiting effect on the growth of weeds. Mulch should be re-fertilized a little more often after application as it extracts nutrients from the soil for decomposition.

Garden & Leisure

If you have a garden or a terrace / balcony would like to spend his free time in this thriving oasis of well-being. Mostly, however, the care is causing a big minus on the free-time account.

Garden irrigation

An automatic irrigation system optimally supplies plants and beds and allows you more free time. Irrigation systems also save water and increase the flowering time and yield of your plants.

Find out now about the many advantages and possibilities of automatic irrigation systems!

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