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RAINTIME watering system:


Why an watering system from RAINTIME?

  • We offer comprehensive advice and thoughtful planning.
  • We have many years of experience in the implementation of numerous projects not only in Austria, but also abroad!
  • We use high-quality system components and are always technically up to date!
  • RAINTIME is a master company! Our employees are well trained and have been working in our company for a long time, which guarantees continuity towards our customers!
  • Our outdoor work and seasonal fluctuations require a decent amount of flexibility.
  • We are happy to offer service and maintenance work – at fair prices – upon request.


Planning and execution of an irrigation system:

Our planning department offers you professional advice on all aspects of irrigation. Benefit from our know-how and many years of experience! An irrigation system from RAINTIME guarantees high quality and an optimal “price-performance ratio”. For a non-binding offer, please send us the following documents:

  • Garden plan on a suitable scale (e.g. 1:100 or 1:250) – this plan should show all buildings, paved areas, etc., and all lawns and planting areas should be clearly visible
  • Power connection for the control system and planned installation location of the control system
  • Water connection, including details of this (e.g. local water 3/4″). If possible, do the “quantity test”: fill a 10 liter bucket with the water pipe fully turned on, to which the future irrigation system is to be connected, and give us your stopped time!
  • Possibly available photos can be very helpful for us
  • Your contact details

We are always anxious to answer your request quickly and conscientiously – however, seasonally it can sometimes come to longer processing times. We ask you to take this into account!

We will also be happy to visit you in person and create a customized offer for you. Within a radius of 30km from our company location, a viewing appointment is free of charge.


Garden watering

The essential element of automatic irrigation is the controller – also the “heart” of the system. It controls how long, on which day and at what time watering takes place. Once set, it runs fully automatically even during your absence. The solenoid valves, which work like electric faucets, regulate the flow of water. The built-in rain sensor tells the system if watering is needed or if there has been enough natural precipitation. A professional irrigation system works with sprinklers and sprinklers that are recessed into the lawn, noiseless and move in and out by water pressure, and drip hoses that are ideal for hedges, flower beds, etc.

We offer complete turnkey implementations including control, material, configuration, laying, digging, installation and commissioning.


Terrace watering

Single drippers with a water output of 4 or 8 l/h are used for watering plant troughs and pots. For particularly large troughs, several single drippers can also be installed. This allows plants with different water requirements to be supplied simultaneously with only one supply line. Control is (usually) via a professional battery control unit – it is easy to use and saves time-consuming installation work and unsightly cable feeds.


Public areas, company premises and residential complexes

Particularly important here is not only careful planning and preparation, but above all good cooperation with the clients, architects, construction companies, garden designers and other trades. Of course, we also offer for the irrigation systems installed by us, maintenance contracts and service work for a whole garden year.


Irrigation systems for green walls and vertical greenery

Together with the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna, we have developed technically sophisticated irrigation systems with soil sensors. These sensor-controlled systems are already very successfully in use at numerous green walls. The sustainable success with these sensitive and difficult plantings has already convinced our clients and customers!


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Fog technology

Water innovatively used: humidification, air cooling, dust and odor control with fog technology. Current Technolgy is clean and extremely energy saving and even allows air cooling outdoors!


Modern irrigation systems offer numerous advantages: time savings, lower water consumption, flexibility, value and above all, a beautiful garden and healthy plants.

Technology & more

What is already familiar in the homes, is also possible in the garden. Little hard-working assistants and simple controls will help you save time and money.

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